Eco Friendly Statement

Southern Quarries Pty Ltd and Direct Mix Concrete are proud South Australian companies committed to fostering business partnerships and projects that will improve South Australia and to doing business by supplying projects that benefit our community environmentally, socially, economically and foster a sustainable future.


We are committed to

  • Continually reducing the carbon footprint of all our processes, operations and facilities, including use of energy efficient machinery and the use of alternative fuels such as Adblue.
  • Conservation of water including,
    • Rainwater capture, storage and use at all of our facilities and recycled water systems at all of our concrete plants to capture and re use waste water.
    • Dry producing manufactured sand for use in our concrete and supplying dry screened natural sand from our Peninsula Quarries sand mine at Price. Together these eliminate the need for washing sand minimising water use and avoiding associated environmental impacts such as silt dams.
  • Collecting all used oil and ensuring it is professionally recycled by a third party.
  • Ongoing revegetation using native trees at our Sellicks Hill and Price Quarries and the purchase and revegetation of more than 300 acres of buffer land surrounding the Sellicks Hill Quarry.
  • Using environmentally safe Polo Citrus products as a replacement for water dust suppression at our crushing plant at Sellicks Hill saving thousands of litres of water per year.
  • All vehicles using the wheel wash facility installed at our Sellicks Hill quarry supplied with water captured in our dam and recycled through a series of settlement ponds. The wheel wash ensures that “drag out” of dirt and mud onto public roads is minimised benefiting other road users and the local community.
  • The use of energy efficient lighting in our offices.
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice.

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