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Hello Registered Sellicks Community Members,

Email update on the progress of current initiatives to reduce dust generation from Sellicks Hill Quarry:

  • 500 tonne storage bin for the Secondary Sand Open Stockpile – completed. The open sand stockpile is now contained within the large storage bin. Dump trucks can be loaded with the sand by driving underneath the bin and opening the discharge doors, eliminating the need for a front end loader. The storage bin has significantly reduced the dust previously generated in this area.
  • Enclosing the Primary Dump Chute and Crusher – this project has been delayed further, mainly due to delays in receiving the internal gantry crane. The gantry crane has arrived this week and is currently being installed. The external cladding for the shed will commence Monday 16th March. The enclosure is expected to be completed within 2 weeks of the cladding commencing. This further delay in completing the Primary enclosure has been communicated to the EPA.
  • Recycled Water – recycled water has been in use since November 2019 around the site through the water trucks for haul road and dust suppression. Mains water still supplies the crushing plants and various stockpile sprinklers around the site. To alleviate any concerns with the use of recycled water and spraying through the water truck, a secondary chlorine dosage system was installed to further treat the water and remove 99.9% of any residual bacteria contained in the recycled water. Since connecting the recycled water in late November 2019, the site has offset 18,000,000 litres of mains drinking water previously being used for dust suppression.
  • Community Tour – a community open day and tour is also being planned for Saturday 18th April 2020. Management representatives will be available at the Sellicks Community Hall to discuss the operations, with bus tours through the quarry leaving the hall and returning within the hour. Further details on this day will be provided.

This community update will also be posted on our website www.adbriquarriessa.com.au/environment. If any other community members you know would like to be included in ongoing notifications, they can send their details to the email address below. Email privacy is protected by sending blind (Bcc) distribution.

As always, if you have any concerns or complaints with regards to the Quarry operations, please email communityfeedback@southernquarries.com.au.


Michael Close

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