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Hello Registered Sellicks Community Members,

I thought I would provide an update on the recent and current initiatives to further reduce dust generation from Sellicks Hill Quarry. As listed in our Dust Management Plan, SQ committed to the following actions this year:

  • Installation of an enclosure over the Tertiary Crusher Surge Bincompleted – this open bin has now been enclosed including the conveyor head drum that feeds into the bin, encapsulating the dust produced within the bin.
  • Installation of Screen covers over the two Diester 20’x8’ Secondary Screenscompleted – these vibrating screens have now been enclosed to encapsulated the dust generated during the screening process on this section of the crushing plant. Enclosing the screens includes the conveyor head chute feeding the screen and discharge chutes at the end of the screen. The screen covers are similar to those already installed on the three final vibrating screens within the main plant.
  • Installation of a 500 tonne storage bin for the Secondary Sand Open Stockpile – this project has been unfortunately delayed due to engineering difficulties in designing such a large storage bin. Foundations for this structure have been installed this week. Instead of stockpiling sand from an open conveyor onto the ground, this sand will be conveyed into the enclosed storage bin. Trucks will drive underneath the bin and the sand will discharge into the truck. Previously a front end loader was required to load the truck from the open stockpile. Anticipated completion in now the end of November. In the meantime, we have been able to temporarily divert this sand stockpile to another section of the plant and apply additional dust mitigation strategies to effectively achieve the same outcome, until the storage bin is completed. The EPA have been kept up to date on this delay and approved the short term mitigation strategies.
  • Re-surface of the Quarry entrance up to and around the weighbridge – works for this project are well underway and will be completed by the end of October as planned. Relocation of the re-fuelling station is happening this week which will allow the new Asphalt to be laid at the end of this month, into early next month. Additional Asphalt at the quarry entrance and around the weighbridge area will help improve the drag out onto Main South Road. The street sweeper will continue to sweep Main South Road and the entrance each weekday.
  • Enclosing the Primary dump chute – contractors have been engaged to design and install this significant structure over the Primary dump chute and crusher. The approved plan is to have an enclosed shed over this section of the crushing plant. This will minimise dust generation from the Primary crusher and dump trucks tipping into the dump chute by protection from the wind. Anticipated completion date for this project is the 31st January 2020.


These engineering enclosures will assist in managing the start-up and shut down dust generation from the main plant. Dust suppression sprays and foaming agents are not effective at minimising dust until the processed rock starts to flow through the plant. Some dust during start-up / shut-down is produced while empty crushers, screens and conveyors are operating, usually for about 5-10 minutes. The above mentioned projects will cost approximately $2M to complete and were committed to by SQ in the Dust Management plan approved by the EPA. This community update will also be posted on our website www.adbriquarriessa.com.au/environment

As always, if you have any concerns or complaints with regards to the Quarry operations, please email communityfeedback@southernquarries.com.au.


Michael Close

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