Adbri Quarries Brand & Site Updates

As it has been sometime since a community update has been completed the Sellicks Quarry has had one major change this was the rebranding to Adbri Quarries carried out mid last this was state based initiative as Adbri owned several different quarry businesses in the state.

Site update

  • Late last year a MPLA 2023/000341 was submitted, for the extension of the western screening mound to the south to reduce impacts. The submission is currently under assessment with DEM.
  • A second wheel wash has been installed and is operational to help minimise drag out on to South Road.
  • We are currently trialling a new haul road dust suppression which holds the moisture in the ground for longer periods, and are reviewing the frequency we use dust suppression on our stockpiles
  • Site is in discussions with DEM and EPA about reinstating the Community Consultation Committee

Daily operations are discussed at every morning and afternoon toolbox the discussion at these meetings include

  • How many water carts need to be running
  • Crushing requirements
  • Load and haul movements
  • Weather conditions (monitored 24/7)
  • Blasting
  • TRAP level (Please see below)


The quarry continues to implement its DEM approved Mine Operation Plan/ Program for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (MOP/PEPR2015/005) and EPA approved Dust Management Plan on a daily basis this DMP can be found under the environmental tab on this web site or at  https://www.epa.sa.gov.au/business_and_industry/industry-updates/southernquarries.

If you as a community member would like to be included in ongoing blast notifications, please send your details to the email address below. Email privacy is protected by sending blind (Bcc) distribution and if you have any queries regarding the Quarry operations, please email communityfeedback@southernquarries.com.au.

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